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Pre-Planning Frequently Asked Questions
What is pre-planning, or pre-arrangement?

When you plan in advance, you are making choices now based on your wishes as to how your final arrangements will be carried out. Thus, you can reduce family concerns at the time of your death.

What do I need to do to preplan?

At your convenience, you can meet with a member of our staff to discuss your options and your preferences. When you make arrangements in advance, you’ll want to consider your site of choice, the committal service, and the type of permanent memorial. By making some or all of these decisions now, you give your family peace of mind, and also benefit financially.

What is the difference between prepaying and preplanning?

When you preplan, you do not need to pay for everything in advance—your legal representative pays for the services at the rates being charged when your funeral is held. We’ll be happy to discuss these options with you and help you make a decision that best suits your needs.

Where does the money go that I prepay into a plan?

Once your prearrangements are made, you may prepay your funeral to secure the price at today's cost. The interest that accumulates on your funds is then used to offset inflation. We guarantee that your funeral funds will be secure and protected.

What are the benefits of pre-panning?
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